Rove McManus still 'close' to late wife's parents

Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke

The parents of actress Belinda Emmett, who died in 2006 aged just 32, have revealed their “close” relationship with former son-in-law Rove McManus.

Speaking to New Idea magazine, Belinda’s parents Michael and Laraine Emmett open up about staying in touch with Rove.

Rove and Belinda in 2006, just months before her death from breast cancer. Source: Getty

The former Rove Live host married their daughter in 2005, just over a year before her death at age 32 from breast cancer which she had battled for eight years.

“Rove’s got his own wife now and we respect that,” Michael told New Idea of the radio host. “But we stay close.”

Rove and Belinda with her parents Laraine and Michael in 2001. Source: Getty

Rove, 43, married actress Tasma Walton in 2009, and the couple has a daughter Ruby, 3.

“It’s lovely to have [Ruby] in our lives as well,” Michael told the publication. “ It’s not in a huge way, but it’s pretty wonderful.”

Rove and his late wife at the ARIAs in 2004. Source: Getty

Still mourning the tragic loss of their daughter, Michael and Laraine keep her alive in their hearts, telling New Idea that they celebrated what would have been her 40th birthday three years ago with a party and cake.

“On things like her birthday, we make the effort,” Michael said. “We remember her every day. There’s nothing strange about that.”

Michael (left) and Rove were pallbearers at Belinda's 2006 funeral. Source: Getty

In a 2015 interview with New Idea, 43-year-old Tasma revealed that she had played Cupid for Rove and Belinda in 1999.

“We were all at a Fox Studios opening and I had obviously worked with Rove on his show, [and] worked with Belinda, “ she said.

Rove and second wife Tasma in 2016. Source: Getty

“I thought they would be an interesting couple and introduced them.”

After Belinda’s death Tasma and Rove reconnected and fell in love, with the actress proposing to Rove in 2009.

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“I’d done this little painting that said ‘Marry me?’ on it and he said, ‘You’ve got to ask me properly’ and I was like ‘I can’t, I can’t, just marry me would ya!’” she told Monty Diamond in a 2014 interview.

“It was really, really unromantic.”

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