Royal feuds brewing as Queen cuts back on duties

Sarah Carty

With Prince Philip now retired and the Queen reported to be cutting back on royal engagements, a source has claimed there is feud brewing in the royal family household.

According to the Queen’s former high-profile press secretary, young royals will have to step up to the mark and there’s a scramble to see who can get them the engagements.

 “I don't think there is a conflict behind the scenes as far as the main players (the royals) are concerned… but there probably is a conflict between the people who are organising them,” Dickie Arbiter told Sky News.

"There's a tendency for people who join the royal households to get a bit of red carpet fever, feel a bit more important than they should do and don't get on with the job properly.

A royal aide has claimed feuds are brewing as the younger royals take on more and more duties. Photo: Getty Images
It comes as the Queen has apparently cut back on royal engagements. Photo: Getty Images

"So, there is a conflict of interest, a personality clash amongst each other, and that is not good."

It comes as newer, very popular royals are taking up more and more duties.

And with Meghan Markle reported to have quit her role at Suits to join Harry in the UK, it appears the staff will have their work cut out to organize everyone’s schedules.

Just yesterday it was reported that staff at Buckingham Palace are walking out in their droves.

According to The Sun at least 14 chefs and kitchen staff have handed in their notice because they’re not happy with the working conditions.

“The place is in turmoil and the mood is getting steadily worse,” a source said.

The younger royals are said to be scrambling to get more royal engagements. Photo: Getty Images

The walkout is apparently down to staff having to move job location when the Queen is at other royal abodes.

“People work all hours God sends for no extra pay,” the insider said.

"Nobody gets any time off or sees their families. It’s too much.”

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