Royal staff member says the Queen let his kids stay at Balmoral after family tragedy

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Photo credit: Max Mumby/Indigo - Getty Images
Photo credit: Max Mumby/Indigo - Getty Images

A former Royal staff member has revealed how the Queen personally supported his family after his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Scott Methven, who was Piper to the Sovereign from 2015 to 2019, told BBC Scotland that the Queen urged him to put his family first before his Royal duties, and instructed him to tell anyone who queried this, that "I told you so."

Her Majesty also sent the Royal nannies to take care of his two children and had a basket of strawberries and muffins sent to his wife's nurses. Additionally, the children enjoyed a stay at the Queen's Castle in Balmoral, and later at Windsor Castle where they reportedly played games with Prince George.

In 2017, the Queen's doctor took a blood test from Scott's wife, Morven, and after receiving the results, she was quickly sent to hospital. Before heading to the hospital with his wife, Scott asked one of the Royal Household's officers who could look after his children, to which he was told, "Just go. I will talk to the Queen. That’s what we’re here for."

Photo credit: Morgan Spence - BBC
Photo credit: Morgan Spence - BBC

"It just so happened that the [royal] nannies were there,” Scott added, "They all mucked in and helped out. They [the children] stayed up at Balmoral Castle while I was away."

He continued: "One morning when I went to the hospital, the Queen had arranged for strawberries and muffins to be made up in a basket for the nurses. She said 'make sure they get that.'"

Scott also revealed how he was worried about rushing back to work, but the Queen reportedly said "absolutely not, it’s family first, you have as much time as you need to look after your wife." His wife, Morven sadly passed away just one year later.

Photo credit: Morgan Spence - BBC
Photo credit: Morgan Spence - BBC

In the interview with BBC Scotland, Scott opened up about his upbringing in a council house in Stirling and how he served in the Army for 25 years before taking up his position as the Queen's piper. He explained how he'd play the bagpipes outside the Queen's window every morning, and travel with her to Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle to perform on special occasions.

Speaking about his relationship with the Queen, he said they "always had a wee chat," and that she would ask after his family.

"People genuinely think what you will about the Royal family or the Queen, but they pulled it out of the bag for me," he added.

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