Rupert Everett admits he hates idea of people ‘piling on’ Russell Brand – but admits: ‘It’s done – he’s down’

Rupert Everett hates the idea of “people piling in” on Russell Brand.
The actor, 64, starred with the sex abuse-accused comic in 2007’s schoolgirl romp ‘St Trinian’s’, and has now admitted his former colleague has been taken “down”.
When asked for his thoughts on the Brand scandal that erupted on 16 September – when four women accused him of rape, sexual assault and emotional and physical abuse – Rupert told The Times: “There’s nothing more to say than has been said.
“Sorry to be a bore, but I’m against people piling in.”
He added: “It’s done. He’s down. Let’s all move on.”
Rupert made the remarks by text after his Times interviewer pressed him for his thoughts on the accusations against Brand after their chat was finished.
The actor lashed out in the interview at the outrage in the so-called ‘woke’ community over able-bodied and straight actors playing disabled and gay roles.
He said: “Oh it’s rubbish! Rubbish! All of it!
“‘You have to be one thing to play that thing!’ You have to be Jewish to play Jew- ish? Gay to play gay?
“Are gays really that different from straights? Maybe on the surface, but really it’s ridiculous.”
On Monday (25.09.23), 48-year-old Brand launched into another of his online rants about free speech and conspiracies – as police confirmed they were investigating allegations of sexual assault against the under-fire comic.
The ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ actor started a live stream on his $60 subscription channel on Rumble minutes after cops said they were probing accusations of sexual offences in London and “elsewhere” in Britain.
Brand posted on X: “Are we being silenced? The battle for free speech – streaming now on @rumblevideo.”
During the stream, he went on a long-winded rant about a government conspiracy to prevent him from sharing his theories and make money from social media.
He also repeatedly pleaded with his fans for donations.
Detectives confirmed they have opened an investigation into a series of non-recent sexual offence allegations against the comedian, with a Metropolitan Police spokesperson saying: “Following an investigation by Channel 4’s Dispatches and The Sunday Times, the Met has received a number of allegations of sexual offences in London.
“We have also received a number of allegations of sexual offences committed elsewhere in the country and will investigate these.
“The offences are all non-recent. Officers will be offering specialist support to all of the women who have made allegations.
“Detectives have launched an investigation into allegations of sexual offences.”
Brand was accused of offences ranging from rape and sexual assault to emotional and physical abuse by four women, whose allegations were made public on 16 September as part of a joint investigation into the comic’s treatment of women by The Times, Sunday Times and Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches’ investigative journalism team.
A series of other women have since come forward to allege sexual assault and mistreatment by Brand.
Dad-of-two Brand, who is expecting his third child with wife Laura Gallacher, 36, has strongly denied all allegations against him, saying his past relationships have been “consensual” and claiming he is the victim of a “coordinated attack”.