Russell Brand spat in dancer lover’s face at peak of his hedonism – and drew up ‘victims’ list’ at sex addiction clinic

Russell Brand confessed he spat in his dancer lover’s face at the peak of his hedonism before shoving her out of his house.
The comic, 48, who is facing claims ranging from rape and sexual assault to emotional and physical abuse from six women – which he strongly denies – made the boast in his first memoir, and said the incident happened when he would “kidnap” women from nightspots.
He said in his ‘My Booky Wook’ memoir published 15 years ago – in which he also admitted to drawing up a “victims’ list” of women when he was being treated for sex addiction – that dancers in clubs would recognise him when he was presenting on MTV.
A woman named Michaela was among them, and Brand wrote they met at a time when he was “able to chat ’em up, and kidnap them”.
In quotes that have re-emerged since his sex scandal broke, Brand detailed in his book how Michaela helped him climax at his house.
They then had a bust-up during which she slapped him – prompting him to spit in her face.
Brand said: “I grabbed her shoulders and bum’s rushed her towards the front door.
“As I escorted Michaela through the front door, I felt very strongly that I needed to avenge the slap – ‘She can’t slap me...’ I spat in her face.
“Yes that’s right, I spat in the face of a beautiful woman… I was convinced that it was the only course of action and that there’d be no consequences.”
Former heroin addict Brand, who is expecting his third child with wife Laura Gallacher, 36, also wrote in the book he drew up a “victims’ list” when he was at the KeyStone clinic for his sex addiction in 2005.
He added about being told to go to the facility by his management: “I didn’t want to go to that sexual treatment centre but all the do-gooders, they all insisted, and I sort of, kind of agreed.
“Just to shut everyone up, really, and for the same reason I gave up drink and drugs.
"Because my ambition is the most powerful force within me, so once people convinced me that my sexual behaviour might become damaging to my career, I found it easier to think of it as a flaw that needed to be remedied.”
His memoir included a diary entry he made in 2005 that said: “Had to write a victims’ list – a litany of the women I’ve wronged as a result of my sexual addiction.
“I feel like Saddam Hussein trying to pick out individual Kurds.”
Brand says any of his previous relationships have been consensual.