Russia attacked a recreation complex in Kharkiv Oblast, a man was killed


Russia launched at least five massive missile attacks on the Zmiyiv community of Kharkiv Oblast at night, killing one person, local governor Oleh Synehubov reported on Telegram on June 3.

The details of the deceased man are being established. Two people, a man and a woman, were injured in attack, the territory of the recreation complex was hit, Synehubov said.

The houses of the recreation center were damaged.

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The Russian attacks on recreation centers in Kharkiv Oblast

Russia attacked a recreation base in the Malodanilov community, Kharkiv Oblast with an Iskander-M missile on May 19. Seven people died, 28 were injured. One of the dead is a seven-month pregnant woman. Among the wounded is an 8-year-old child, as well as a medic and a policeman.

The Russian army attacked a recreation center in the city of Balakliya, Izyum district, Kharkiv Oblast on June 1, wounding 12 people, including eight children.

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