Russia attacks critical infrastructure facility in Lviv Oblast with hypersonic Kinzhal missiles


Russian army fired Kinzhal missiles at a critical infrastructure facility in Lviv Oblast, which was hit during a massive missile attack at night, regional governor Maksym Kozytskyi reported on Telegram on March 24.

Reportedly, there have been two more strikes.

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"Firefighters who were extinguishing the fire were warned about the attack in time," he added.

"They managed to move to a safe place."

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On March 24, Russia conducted massive missile strike on Ukraine. Enemy attacked Urkaininan cities  with 29 cruise missiles and 28 attack UAVs. In particular, 19 missiles and 7 attack drones flew to Lviv Oblast, where they hit infrastructure. Air defense forces destroyed 43 targets that night.

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At night, air defense activity was reported in Kyiv and Lviv oblasts.

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