Russia causes GPS disruptions near Baltic Sea

Margus Tsahkna
Margus Tsahkna

Russia is accountable for GPS signal disturbances near the Baltic Sea, said Estonian Foreign Minister, Margus Tsahkna, in an Estonian television interview, reported Bild on Telegram on May 2.

"Russia started the signal jamming at the onset of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022," Tsahkna said.

Over the past six months, this problem has intensified, affecting not only Estonia, but also Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Poland," the minister stated.

"In analyzing Russia's actions, this GPS assault is a component of a hybrid offensive that disrupts our daily lives and breaches several international agreements."

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There is substantial evidence suggesting that the interference emanates from areas near St. Petersburg, Pskov, and Kaliningrad in Russia.

Martin Herem, Estonian Army Commander-in-Chief said on Jan. 31 that Russia is likely responsible for the increase in jamming of GPS signals used by airlines, smartphones, and weapons systems in Eastern Europe.

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