Russia completes troop withdrawal from Belarus

Russian military
Russian military

Russia has withdrawn the grand majority of its military personnel from Belarus, and has not replaced them, Ukrainian State Border Guard Service spokesperson Andriy Demchenko announced on national television on Oct. 31.

He also reassured Ukrainians that the northern border with Belarus was completely secure, with Ukrainian border guards not observing any movements of Russian personnel or materiel.

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“We are actively monitoring the situation and assessing any potential threats it may pose,” Demchenko stated.

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Russia still maintains a limited military presence in Belarus – primarily consisting of maintenance personnel responsible for Russian technical equipment within the country.

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"Our data suggests that this remaining group comprises fewer than a thousand individuals," Demchenko added.

Demchenko’s announcement contradicts an earlier Oct. 16 reports from the Belarusian Hajun monitoring project, which had estimated the Russian military presence in Belarus to number about 2,000 troops.

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