Russia to face difficulties in sustaining offensive after ammo depot explosion in Luhansk Oblast – Lysohor

Ammunition depot explosions in occupied Sorokyne, Luhansk Oblast, May 13
Ammunition depot explosions in occupied Sorokyne, Luhansk Oblast, May 13

A Russian ammunition depot explosion in occupied Sorokyne (formerly Krasnodon), Luhansk Oblast, will have severe impact to the enemy ammunition supply, potentially affecting its offensive actions, regional Governor Artem Lysohor reported on Telegram on May 13.

The Russians will need a significant period of time to accumulate the lost ammunition away from the frontline.

"The invaders thought that this depot was quite safe, because it was located almost on the border with Russia, about 130 km to the frontline,” he wrote.

“But it exploded there too. Now the Russian military in the area has a limited supply of ammunition, which should soon affect their offensive actions."

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This incident marks the third emergency in the Russian rear in the occupied part of Luhansk Oblast within a week.

Prior to this, the enemy had already lost the ability to store strategic fuel reserves due to explosions at oil depots in the administrative center of Luhansk and the city of Rovenky.

"And if their (Russian) military can hold out a little longer without fuel reserves, the ammunition that was burning so brightly in Sorokyne today is being used up by the enemy quite quickly," Lysohor said.

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