Russia not using damaged Crimean Bridge to transport weapons — SBU

Vasyl Malyuk
Vasyl Malyuk

Ukraine could “potentially” destroy Russia’s illegally constructed Crimean Bridge in Kerch, although it’s not currently used to bring weapons and ammunition into occupied Crimea, head of Ukraine’s SBU security service Lt. Gen. Vasyl Malyuk said in an interview with Ukrainian broadcaster ICTV on March 25.

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“Before our successful strikes [on the bridge], daily traffic ranged from 42 to 46 trains carrying weapons and ammunition,” said Malyuk.

“Now there are only four to five per day. Four are passenger trains and one carries general goods.”

The SBU chief stated that the Russians are currently repairing the damage done to the bridge by previous Ukrainian attacks. Once the damaged supports are repaired, they could potentially start transporting military supplies again.

“Possibly, they will eventually begin to haul their ammunition through there, and then we will say 'hello' once more," he said.

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“Of course, we have the potential [to destroy the Crimean Bridge].”

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Malyuk mentioned that the SBU began planning the first attack on the bridge in March 2022 and carried it out on Oct. 8 of the same year.

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SBU agents used homemade explosives camouflaged as rolls of film — a group of goods that seasonally shipped to Crimea in autumn. He noted that a highly complex triple redundancy system of detonation was used, although only one-third of them actually went off due to heavy electronic countermeasures active around the strategically important bridge.

Malyuk added that some Western intelligence services were “impressed” by the operation.

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