Russia pushing hard before Western aid arrives in Ukraine – Estonian intelligence

Russia has committed substantial forces to push as far as it can on the battlefield before renewed U.S. military aid arrives in Ukraine, head of Estonia’s Defense Intelligence, Col. Ants Kiviselg, said on April 26.

Citing Kiviselg, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports that the likelihood of Russia breaking through Ukrainian defense lines is diminishing.

"Russia must utilize the last window of time before the Western military aid reaches Ukraine in full and is put to use," said Kiviselg.

According to him, Russian success remains regional, and Ukrainian defenses are less likely to crumble now than in recent weeks.

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He added that Russian forces continue to carry out terror bombings of Ukraine’s civilian population, both in border areas and through deep strikes on larger cities. By doing so, Moscow attempting to create a so-called “sanitary zone.”

"Nevertheless, thanks to successful air defense operations, Ukraine has been able to reduce the use of Russian long-range bombers during deep strikes over the past week and also decreased the intensity of bombings," Kiviselg stated.

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