Russian missile strike targets Kyiv, Ukraine marks one year since Kherson city's liberation

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Russian forces targeted Ukraine’s capital as part of an overnight bombardment felt across the country, local officials said Saturday. In the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson, residents on Saturday celebrated the recapture of Kherson city from Russian forces a year ago, the last major shift of the front line. FRANCE 24 provides an update on the ongoing war in Ukraine on Saturday, November 11.

Missile strike targets Kyiv, Russia says Ukrainian drones shot down over two regions

Russian forces targeted Ukraine’s capital Kyiv as part of an overnight bombardment felt across the country, local officials said Saturday, while drones that Russian officials blamed on the Ukrainian military targeted areas around Moscow and the region of Smolensk.

A ballistic missile was shot down as it approached the Ukrainian capital, said Serhii Popko, head of the Kyiv City Military Administration. He said that no one was injured.

The Ukrainian air force later confirmed an Iskander-M ballistic missile was used in the attack, the first attempted missile strike on Kyiv in almost two months.

In Moscow, Russia’s defence ministry said that its aerial strikes had hit an ammunition depot serving the 43rd mechanized brigade of Ukraine’s armed forces near the village of Devichki in the Kyiv region. In an online statement, it said that Ukrainian drones had been shot down over the Smolensk and Moscow regions.

Smolensk Governor Vasiliy Anokhin posted on social media that no one was wounded in the attack.

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There were no reports of injured people so far, he said.

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