Russian drone numbers double at key Ukrainian battle zones


The presence of Russian drones along the most active front lines has doubled in the past three months, Ukrainska Pravda reported on  April 25.

This increase has prompted Ukrainian forces to enhance their electronic warfare (EW) capabilities to counter these advanced aerial threats effectively.

Ukrainian military sources indicate that electronic warfare tools, which are crucial in detecting and suppressing enemy drones, are being adapted to cope with the evolving technology. Russian engineers have been reprogramming their drones to operate across a broader frequency range, making them more difficult to jam.

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"Roughly speaking, we developed EW systems in the 900 MHz range," said a source from Ukraine's General Staff.

"That used to be enough. Now the 'orcs' are producing drones in the 700-1000 MHz range. Therefore, the electronic warfare means we made earlier are no longer effective."

Efforts are underway to establish a unified system that can gather information on changes in the frequencies of Russian drones, said the sources at the Cabinet of Ministers. This would enable manufacturers to adjust EW means accordingly.

Digital Transformation Minister Mykhailo Fedorov announced on April 4 that Ukrainian engineers had developed a new reconnaissance drone named WarDog, capable of operating under the Russian EW influence.

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