Russian 'ghost riders' equip motorcycles with drone traps

Effectiveness of such “protection” seems rather doubtful
Effectiveness of such “protection” seems rather doubtful

Amid heightened fears of Ukrainian FPV drones, Russian troops have begun retrofitting various vehicles, including motorcycles and scooters, with improvised protective gear, Butusov plus Telegram channel reported on April 23.

The effectiveness of these adaptations remains uncertain.

A released video suggests preparations for an impending assault on Ukrainian positions, showcasing a so-called "ghost rider" who has affixed a protective screen to the back of his motorcycle saddle. Dubbed a "grill," this mesh screen is purportedly designed to ensnare attacking drones, according to the Russian developer.

The initiative, which could be likened to something from a makeshift "Russian Elon Musk," does not appear to account for the possibility of the drone being remotely detonated by its Ukrainian operator.

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