Russian night strike causes casualties in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast


Russia launched a massive air assault on Ukraine, employing missiles and Iranian-manufactured suicide drones, resulting in damage to a crucial infrastructure facility in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast and causing injuries to two people, regional governor Serhiy Lysak wrote on Telegram on May 4.

Five strike drones were shot down over Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

Three houses were damaged, a fire broke out in one of them.

Injured men and women were hospitalized.

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Additionally, the Russians targeted Nikopol district five times, employing heavy artillery, Grad multiple rocket launchers, and kamikaze drones. The onslaught inflicted damage on a utility company, a lyceum, two high-rise buildings, a bank, and a power line. Critical infrastructure facilities were also impacted by the assault.

No one were injured as a result of this strike.

Russian forces resumed shelling in the morning, striking the Myrivska community and igniting a fire at an agricultural company.

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Russians attacked Ukraine with 13 Shahed-131/136 attack UAVs and four S-300 anti-aircraft guided missiles on May 4. All drones were launched from the Russian Belgorod Oblast. Air defense forces successfully intercepted and downed all of them.

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