Russian ‘war heroes’ killed over 100 fellow citizens upon returning home

Russian ‘war heroes’
Russian ‘war heroes’

At least 107 Russians have been killed and approximately 100 more seriously injured by veterans returning from the conflict in Ukraine, Verstka reported on Telegram on April 25.

"The returned soldiers committed at least 84 crimes with human victims: 55 cases of murder, resulting in 76 deaths, 18 cases of aggravated assault, resulting in 18 deaths, and nine cases of traffic violations, resulting in 11 deaths,” Verstka wrote, citing open media reports and court records.

“There were also two incidents of drug use, which resulted in the deaths of two minors."

It is important to note that these figures do not include crimes committed against residents of the occupied Ukrainian territories, which the “Special military operation heroes” also claim as "their own".

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