Ryan Dorsey pays tribute to Naya Rivera on 35th birthday

Ryan Dorsey has paid tribute to his late, ex-wife Naya Rivera on what would've been her 35th birthday.
The 38-year-old actor shared six-year-old son Josey with the 'Glee' star - who died in July 2020, aged 33, in a drowning accident - and he believes she would be "so proud" to see how generous her boy has become.
Ryan - who was married to Naya from 2014 to 2018 - said: "She knew how willing Josey was to share his things but she'd be so proud to see how he'll give things he loves away to friends or donate them.
"He has this unique literal laugh-out-loud cackle of laugh when he's watching TV that's kind of obnoxiously endearing like hers was, but his even more so. No matter your mood, it would make anyone smile if you heard it."
Ryan admits he thinks about Naya every day and still cannot believe she has gone.
He added to PEOPLE: "At least once a day I find myself shaking my head, like it's still unbelievable, so surreal that she's gone. She'd be freaking out today, I could almost hear her, 'OMG, I'm almost 40!'
"It's hard to write this, tears coming out my eyes. Unf****** real."
In December, Ryan admitted it is “always hard” to cope around Christmas time following Naya's passing.
He wrote on his Instagram story: “Some days are easier than others. But it’s okay to cry when you need to … every time a family member or a friend loses family it resonates with me more than ever.
“It’s always hard as the holidays come closer. The reality hits that much harder … the elephant that used to be in the room isn’t going to be in the room. I don’t know if that makes sense for you, but c’est la vie. Be grateful for the time you still have with those you love. (sic)”
In a second post, Ryan encouraged his followers to donate to Alexandria House, a transitional home for women and children in Los Angeles, in Naya’s memory.
He added: “If ya have a buck or two, I know she would love it if you could help the kids and the people who may be less fortunate than you or I. Tell your people you love ’em! (sic)”