Rylan hits back at cruel trolls who accused him of 'bragging' over mum's private healthcare

The TV star has been desperately trying to arrange appointments for his mum after her horror holiday fall.

Rylan Clark
Rylan Clark has slammed trolls for accusing him of 'bragging'. (Getty Images)

Rylan Clark has hit back at cruel trolls who accused him of bragging about paying for private healthcare for his mum, who suffered a bad fall on a recent holiday.

The TV presenter's mum Linda, 71, had been on her first foreign holiday in 10 years to Spain when she had a nasty fall, breaking her arm and leg and leaving her with stitches and staples.

Former Strictly: It Takes Two presenter Clark had appealed for help from his fans on social media as he was struggling to access appointments to remove the stitches and staples, and had shared that he was happy to pay for his mum to go private if necessary.

Pictured: Rylan and Linda - Celebrity Gogglebox (Channel 4)
Rylan Clark has been trying to access help for his mum Linda. (Channel 4)

But some vile comments on his posts accused him of bragging about how much money he has - forcing the star to clarify his reasons behind offering private healthcare to mum Linda, who has previously appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox with him.

Sharing a lengthy statement on Twitter, he wrote: "For any confusion. Mum is in an arm cast and has a leg brace on, she has broken her arm and leg in Spain.

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"The Spanish surgeon says she needs the staples out this week (time sensitive) and I need to pick it up the second we get back. She has to have nurses and care anyway because of her other serious illness, which I've arranged.

"I've tried to book private medical aftercare because one, I can afford to and two, I believe if you can afford it you should, so you don't have to put any more burden on an exhausted NHS."

Rylan Clark-Neal arrives at ARIAS 2023 at Theatre Royal Drury Lane on May 02, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Joe Maher/Getty Images)
The TV star had offered to pay for private healthcare for his mum. (Getty Images)

Giving further details of the tough week, Clark continued: "Three companies wouldn't accept her as they didn't do her surgery (crazy, as all she needs is staples out, casts off and physio). Her NHS GP surgery which was great then referred her urgently to the local hospital fracture clinic (twice) as it's time sensitive for risk of infection.

"Four days and no response from the clinic, most probably due to many patients, I come on Twitter to ask advice, no slating the NHS, in fact praising, but asking what to do next as it's time sensitive. Ridiculous headlines and quite a few wronguns on Twitter."

Clark shut down any criticism, writing: "Now, BECAUSE of my tweet, a private company that WILL accept her got in touch and will see her this week, thankfully. Hope that clears up any confusion for you trolls saying I'm bragging about money, slating the NHS. My priority is my mum, always has been, always will be. Have a lovely day."

The former X Factor contestant had previously thanked loyal fans for their help and advice on what to do about his mum's appointments and had said he would be taking a break from Twitter for a while.