Rylan would 'love' to get into politics and replace party system with 'Power Rangers of government'

TV presenter Rylan Clark has said he would "love" to become a politician - and replace the party system with a "Power Rangers of government" model.

The TV personality, 35, joined political editor Beth Rigby and former Scottish Conservative leader Baroness Ruth Davidson for this week's Sky News Electoral Dysfunction podcast.

Asked if he would ever consider the career change, he said: "If I wasn't in the job that I was in, I would love nothing more."

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Rylan, who won Celebrity Big Brother and also appeared on the X Factor, appeared on the podcast in place of Labour candidate Jess Phillips after tweeting his praise for Rigby on the day Rishi Sunak announced the general election.

Sharing a clip of her and Sky presenter Sophy Ridge outside a rainy Downing Street waiting for Mr Sunak to appear at the lectern, he said: "Obsessed with the Rigby."

Speaking to her and Davidson, he said his "obsession" with politics began with Brexit - "as we've seen so many promises which weren't fulfilled" since then.

He added: "I lie there at night sometimes, and I think about [Volodymyr] Zelenskyy. He hosted one of the same shows I've hosted in Ukraine."

The TV presenter also shared his idea of abandoning political parties altogether.

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"Why can't we have the crack team? Why can't we have the Power Rangers of government all working together to make a better country? People are caring less about parties and more about policies," he told the podcast.

"I feel now or very soon is the time for non-party politics, like a Big Brother All Stars series where we just throw in the ones that we think these were all very good housemates. Let's just leave them in charge for a year and see how it goes."

"Anyone that wants to be an MP can run to be an MP. But then between them, there's an internal poll of the 308 of them that then decide the top six or top 10 people that they want to run the country between them.

"There's a big election and then a prime minister is selected, who can then decide who they want to be on their cabinet.

"So I could have Jess Phillips from Labour as this [department leader]. I could have Rishi Sunak, in charge of the Treasury if I wanted to."

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