Sam Asghari promises 'to keep reaching for the stars'

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Sam Asghari will keep "reaching for the stars" over the next few years.
The 27-year-old actor - who is engaged to Britney Spears - has revealed he doesn't have "humble goals" and he's determined to realise his ambitons.
He shared: "Where would I love to be in five to ten years from now on? When it comes to my career, I do not have humble goals and skies the limit, so don’t expect for anything less. I will be reaching for the stars.
"We’re going to get there. With a lot of hard work and a lot of preparation and a lot of sleepless nights, we will get there."
Sam also revealed that he and Britney, 40, share a passion for horseback riding.
The actor described horses as "majestic animals", and explained that it's a great way for them to bond as a couple.
Speaking about their passion, Sam told "We love going horseback riding. It is such a fun exercise and a great way to bond, and also just a great date, regardless.
"Horses are majestic animals. They are so massive, and they are so peaceful at the same time. I personally love horses. They are one of my favourite animals. They are just so majestic and there is something about them, their energy, that is so peaceful."
Meanwhile, an insider recently revealed that Britney is planning to make her comeback in 2022.
The pop star had her conservatorship terminated in 2021, and Britney is now focusing on her career comeback.
The source explained: "Britney is actively eyeing different brand deals and entertainment opportunities. Several brands have reached out to her with amazing offers and nothing is off the table.
"She's excited to put her businesswoman hat on in the new year and explore different ventures that weren’t available to her in the past."

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