Sam Asghari reacts to what Britney Spears said about him in memoir

Sam Asghari is one of the chosen few from Britney Spears’ romantic past who is happy with how he’s depicted in her new memoir.

The actor and model, who filed for divorce from the pop icon in August, is referred to as a “gift from God” in Spears’ recently released autobiography, “The Woman In Me.”

“That made me smile,” he told paparazzi on Thursday in Los Angeles. “I’m freaking proud of her. And I hope she takes over the world.”

Although he was only married to the “Toxic” singer for 14 months, Asghari can consider himself lucky. Spears didn’t hold some of her other exes in such a high regard.

Justin Timberlake has disabled the comment section of his Instagram posts and is reportedly backing out of scheduled gigs in the wake of the explosive claims made about him in the tome.

The 42-year-old NSYNC frontman is at the center of many bombshells, including a claim that Spears had an abortion because he wasn’t ready to be a father after impregnating her.

Timberland isn’t the only ex feeling the brunt of the Simon & Schuster-published title. Spears’ first husband Jason Alexander took umbrage to her saying she only married him because she was “very drunk” and “very bored.”

The childhood friend she was married to for 55 hours in 2004 told TMZ that readers shouldn’t believe a word his ex said in “The Woman In Me.”

According to the outlet, he said he still cares for and loves her, but will never buy her memoir and would only accept a copy if it was signed so he could auction it off.