Sam Asghari's ex says he's a 'fantastic husband' for Britney Spears

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Sam Asghari's ex-girlfriend Mayra Veronica has declared he's a "fantastic husband" for Britney Spears.
The pop star tied the knot with the model/actor on June 9 after five years together and now Sam's former lover has given her blessing to union - insisting he is a "devoted and supportive" partner.
Singer/actress Mayra told "I think Sam would be a fantastic husband ... he's not like the cheating type or the flirting type. He's very devoted, very supportive ... so I only see good things for them to be honest with you. He's the type that he's going to concentrate on his work. She looks like she's more into just building a family now, which is fantastic. So I think it's a great thing for both of them."
Mayra and Sam met when he was chosen to appear in the video for her song 'No Boyfriend, No Problem' and after their split he went on to meet Britney when he was hired to star in her video for 'Slumber Party'.
Mayra was going through some troubles with her management when she dating Sam and credits him with helping her through it - insisting he's proved he'll be invaluable to Britney as she navigates life after the end of the conservatorship which controlled her life for more than a decade.
She added: "When I dated Sam, I was pretty much in the same situation that Britney was in. I was being controlled by my management ... and he pretty much came into the picture while I was trying to separate from all that.
"And I think he really helped. He's very understanding. And I think he's very supportive so I think that's what she needed at the time, that's what she still needs. So I think they're a perfect match ... There's a certain kindness to him ... and he will ultimately take good care of her."
She also predicts that Sam will continue to support and care for Britney even if they eventually split up, adding: "He's the kind of guy who will always be supportive and be there for her."

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