Sam Pang shocks as he downs shots of Kitty Flanagan's Fisk Liquor on-air

'Now might be a good time to tell you it’s 30% alcohol' Kitty told Sam after he downed the shot in one.

He shocked Logies viewers in July when he didn’t hold back on roasting the A-list crowd and now Sam Pang has downed shots of comedian Kitty Flanagan’s bottle of liquor on TV.

The pair appeared on the hit Channel 10 show Have You Been Paying Attention last night where Kitty brought along a bottle of Fisk Liquor, which had been sent to her from a fan of her Netflix show in Denmark

Kitty Flanagan holding up Fisk Liquor
Kitty Flanagan brought along a bottle of Fisk Liquor which had been sent to her from a fan. Photo: Channel 10
Sam Pang on Have You Been Paying Attention doing a shot
Sam Pang downed the shot in one. Photo: Channel 10

“A fan in Denmark actually sent me this liquor,” she said. “It says on the front, it’s a secret blend of eucalyptus, menthol, liquorice and premium vodka, many have tried to imitate this unique recipe but they haven’t managed”.


She went on to joke “I did. You just mix vodka and Dencorub” before she was interrupted by host Tom Gleisner who said “Oh ok. Have you tasted it, Kitty?”

At that point, Sam said he was happy to give it a go, with Kitty whipping out two shot glasses and pouring them both a serve.

Kitty Flanagan with Fisk Liquor
A fan in Denmark sent the bottle of liquor to Kitty. Photo: Channel 10
Kitty Flanagan pouring a shot of Fisk Liquor for Sam Pang on Have You Been Paying Attention
Sam was keen to have a try on-air. Photo: Channel 10

Fellow panellist Ed Kavalee said “What are you cheering to?” with Sam replying: “To the show being over”.

Sam then downed the shot in one with a clearly shocked Kitty saying: “Sorry, now might be a good time to tell you it’s 30% alcohol.”

“Well, I’ll have three more then,” Sam joked.

Later in the show, Tom Gleisner went over and grabbed the bottle of Fisk Liquor from Sam after he was spotted taking another cheeky sip.

Sam back on the show

Sam’s hilarious segment comes just weeks after fans of the show were left thrilled when he returned to the screen after 'disappearing' following his Logies debut.

"I just had a little break Tom," Sam told host Tom Gleeson when he returned.

"Hanging out with you and Ed every week takes its toll," he joked.

Fans of the show were absolutely delighted to see Sam back on the panel, with one person commenting: "Absolutely fantastic to have Sam back".

Others agreed, with another person saying: "Funnier in the first ten mins than it has been the whole time Sam was away! Welcome back Sam."

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