Sam Smith 'steps up security at London home'

Sam Smith has stepped up security after being targeted by burglars twice in a year.

The 27-year-old singer is the owner of a five-bedroom, Grade II-listed home in Hampstead, North London - but Sam has now decided to upgrade security around the property, asking for permission to install new CCTV cameras, motion sensors and entry system monitors.

A source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "Security will be a priority for anyone who's had their house broken into once, let alone twice, and Sam is no exception.

"The attitude is if more money is needed to make this new home feel safe and comfortable, so be it."

Sam's planning agent has also penned a letter to the local council.

The letter reads: "The proposals have been drawn up following consultation with a security specialist and analysis of the security issues."

Meanwhile, Sam recently admitted to loving touring the world as a queer artist.

The chart-topping singer - who came out as gender non-binary in 2019 - said: "It's wonderful. It's amazing.

"There are parts of the world where I've performed, such as in China, Abu Dhabi and places like that, where I'm singing my song 'Him' on stage and I have the flag come up and it feels very proud. I feel very proud.

"But it can be scary at times. In some countries where it's illegal you have to send your lyrics and everything to them before you perform - but they OK it, they all OK it, and sometimes I can't believe they've OKed it, because it seems weird to me.

"But I don't know what I should do: I don't know whether I should perform in places where it's illegal."