Sandra Sully undergoes transformation and shows off new style: 'Looks fab'

The TV queen switched up her look for the first time in a while.

Sandra Sully
Sandra Sully has undergone a style transformation, showing off a new hairdo while presenting the Channel 10 news this week. Photo: Ten

Channel 10 news presenter Sandra Sully has undergone a style transformation this week, with the news anchor recently changing up her look. Sandra usually opts to wear her hair up, but it appears she's opted to go for a shaggy lob with a full fringe in recent days.

The 59-year-old looks more youthful than ever, and the change came after she shared a report that older Australians don't believe you hit your prime until 51.


Fans loved the new look, with one Instagram user writing, "Hair looks fab Sandra!"

"Rocking that fringe queen!" another wrote.

Sandra Sully's new look
Sandra debuted her new look recently, and fans are loving it. Photo: Ten

Sandra has previously opened up about how she stays fit and healthy and achieves an "inner glow".

"I’ve been health-conscious my whole life," Sandra told Body + Soul. "I like to sweat. I don’t like exercising where I don’t get hot and sweaty. The adjustment for me the last 10 years has been accepting that my body’s getting older because it keeps telling me."

The presenter shared that she had been forced to give up running, as she continually got injured, adding, "Pilates has really got me back on track."


While Sandra added that she has "always enjoyed really good food," she doesn't eat fried foods and enjoys fresh, whole foods.

"When I did the late news for so long I had to make sure I ate well because the hours were hard enough as it was," she said. "I knew if I had to look after myself on the inside."

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