Sarah Hyland's panic level 'high' amid coronavirus outbreak

Sarah Hyland's "panic level" is "pretty high" amid the spread of coronavirus.

The 'Modern Family' actress is particularly vulnerable to the respiratory illness as she suffers from kidney dysplasia - which means her kidneys did not develop properly in the womb - and her history with two kidney transplants mean she is immunocompromised and at a higher risk of developing complications as a result of COVID-19.

As the illness continues to spread around the world, Sarah has admitted she is worried about what might happen if she gets infected.

Speaking on an upcoming episode of Brad Goreski's 'Brad Behavior' podcast, the 29-year-old actress said: "I am obviously immunocompromised with my transplant history and am on immunosuppressants, so everything in this house is sanitised.

"Say someone gets a 24-hour bug, I get it for a week or more. For me, it's really dangerous. My panic level is pretty high, but I also have a lot of health issues that are very susceptible to stress, so I'm trying to remain calm."

Sarah says her plan at the moment is to "stay home" as much as possible, in order to limit the amount of people she comes into contact with, which will keep her as safe as possible from contracting the virus.

And the beauty also says concern over the virus has left her disappointed in the lack of compassion shown by some "healthy people", who are stockpiling food in case they need to quarantine themselves.

She added: "The most annoying thing to me right now are young, healthy people who are raiding grocery stores, who are raiding pharmacies. They're leaving people over the age of 60, who may not have a child to do their shopping for them, left to their own devices."

Instead, Sarah wants to see people "come together", and insists she would be offering to shop for the elderly and disabled if she wasn't at risk herself.

She explained: "I think it's really an important time to practice compassion, love, generosity. Let's learn from something like this.

"We're literally dealing with people who could die and I just think it's really a time to come together."