Sarah Hyland will have kids 'down the line'

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams will have children "down the line."

The couple - who got engaged in July last year after a year together - would like to have a family together but they're in no rush as they're both "career focused" and they believe they have plenty of time as the 'Modern Family' star is only 29.

Speaking on E!'s digital series 'Just the Sip', Wells, 35, said: "I'm the youngest of five. I want a family. She does as well but we're both super career oriented and driven right now so that's not front of mind. It will happen down the line. I'm lucky enough that she's a lot younger than I am so I don't think she's in any hurry.

"If she was my age, I think she would probably have a different thought about that."

And, in the meantime, the loved-up duo are starting to plan their wedding now that Sarah has a break in filming and Wells is back from 'Bachelor in Paradise'.

He explained: "Now I think we will start figuring out all that stuff out. She was working so much and I was working a lot where we weren't able to focus in on that but now that she has some time off, we'll be able to get some things together."

But, right now, the couple are enjoying their engagement and being healthy as Sarah - who has kidney dysplasia - gets ill "really easily" and takes age to recover.

He said: "Everyone takes their immune system so much for granted. It's so easy for her to get sick. When your immune system is kicking ass, so much stuff can bounce off of you. But for her, everything sticks to her and she'll get sick really, really easily and it also takes a long time to heal or get better. It was a weird thing learning to appreciate a thing I never appreciated before. I really should take care of my body because now I see what it's like not to have an immune system."