Sarah Michelle Gellar had 'so many car accidents' while driving to the set of Buffy

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Sarah Michelle Gellar had "so many car accidents" while driving to the set of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.'
The 45-year-old actress starred in the title role of the 1990s sci-fi series but explained that because she was very tired during the shooting process, she eventually needed a driver to take her to and from the set and tries to do the same for her own cast now she is the producer of Paramount+ series 'Wolf Pack.'
She said: "You shouldn’t drive if you’re tired. Do you know how many car accidents I had on Buffy before they got me a driver? But the crew doesn’t get that. As a producer now, I can get them an Uber. On 'Wolf Pack', every Friday we have a truck come to pick up the crew. We also remember to say thank you – just a thanks for a hard week of work. These aren’t huge things, but they’re things that so often get overlooked."
The 'Scooby-Doo' star went on to explain that there is a stigma whcih causes certain members of the production crew that can be regarded as "below-the-line" but insisted that everyone is needed on set so that the job can be done.
She told The Independent: "There’s this notion that there are ‘above-the-line’ and ‘below-the-line’ employees – the cast and then the crew. But why? Without the below-the-line, the above-the-line can’t do their jobs. We’re all in the same house. And that’s the world I want to create, and the world I want to live in.”