Sarah Michelle Gellar won't allow her daughter to appear on camera until she is 18

Sarah Michelle Gellar won't allow her daughter to appear on camera until she is 18 years old.
The 45-year-old actress - who has 13-year-old Charlotte and 10-year-old Rocky with husband Freddie Prinze Jr - started appearing on TV herself in her mid-teens before shooting to global fame in the title role of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' in her early 20s but has a "rule" in place which will stop her eldest stepping in front of the camera before she graduates high school.
She said: "Does it scare the s*** out of me? Well, we have rules in place. She can’t be in front of a camera until she graduates high school. She says to me, ‘That’s unfair. You were a child actor.’ Yes, I was. But I was not the child of two famous parents."
However, the 'Scooby Doo' star did go on to clarify that she would "never stop" Charlotte following in her footsteps but insisted that it would not be happening while she is still "living under her roof."
She told The Hollywood Reporter: "I’ll never stop her from being on a set. But she’s just not going on camera while she’s living under our roof. There’ll be different expectations for her, so she needs to learn everything there is first."
What's more, Sarah has previously explained that she will not allow Charlotte to use social media until she is older and can "understand" the nature of having an online platform,
She said: "She said: "My son doesn't care. That's not his world. It's definitely something my daughter and I discuss. It's an ever-evolving conversation. Obviously, there will be a time when I can't say no anymore because I'll be keeping her away from the way her generation communicates. But I also need to wait until she gets to a point where she understands the permanence of what you put out there."