Sarah Silverman believes Hollywood sex scandal reflects bigger problem

Sarah Silverman thinks the Hollywood sex scandal is a reflection of a broader problem.

The 48-year-old comedy star has suggested that the horrors of the sex scandal are being repeated in other industries across America, but she's pleased to have seen a change in behaviour and attitudes since the issue exploded in 2017 in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein expose.

Asked whether she's witnessed any changes since the first allegations emerged, Sarah replied: "Yeah. I see a lot of change. I do think that's good.

"I understand that showbusiness was very problematic, but I would guess every business is wildly problematic, and in our business there's publicity and exposure. It's not as sexy if you're working at the doughnut shop to tell someone about what your boss is doing."

Sarah suggested that sexual abuse and harassment could easily be overlooked in other, less glamorous lines of work.

She told ShortList magazine: "I worry about the rest of the world. There's proper shaming that has to be involved. There has to be pressure. And now that there are men understanding that there are consequences to their actions, that's when there's change. And you know what? Good."

The 'Masters of Sex' star's own friend and comedy peer Louis C.K. was accused of sexual harassment by a handful of women who claimed he masturbated in front of them without their consent.