Sarah Silverman pays tribute to ‘best pal’ father after his death

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Sarah Silverman pays tribute to ‘best pal’ father after his death

Sarah Silverman has paid tribute to her father Donald, who died this week.

“My best pal, Schleppy – my dad, died last night,” the stand-up comedian, 52, wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday (11 May).

“All the sisters, and grandkids surrounded him with love and singing and very dark f***ed up jokes this final week.

“But ultimately, he wanted to be with his love, Janice, who we lost last Monday.

“He always said he was the richest man in the world because of his family, and he was,” Silverman added.

In 2018, the School of Rock star’s Hulu series I Love You, America featured a segment about her and her father preparing for his eventual demise, including the making of a video will.

“I don’t need any fanfare,” he said. “Just figure that I did my best, had a good time while I was here. Sometimes when you’re sitting around bulls***ing, talk about me a little bit, and let me go as easy as possible.

“That’s it – I love my daughters, I love my grandchildren, I love my Janice. I’ve had a goddamn good life, now let me die in peace.” Silverman responded: “I love you, Daddy.”

Last week, Silverman also shared an emotional tribute to her late step-mother Janice.

“We laid my beautiful step-mum Janice to rest today,” she wrote in the caption. “None of us would be us without her. And now we get to remember her every day.”

Janice and Donald were reportedly married for more than 40 years.