Sask. Speaker resigns from Sask. Party after making harassment allegations against caucus members

Randy Weekes, the Speaker of the Saskatchewan Legislature, has resigned from the Saskatchewan Party Caucus and will serve the rest of his term as an independent. (Adam Hunter/CBC - image credit)

Speaker of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly Randy Weekes announced late Monday that he submitted his letter of resignation from the Sask. Party Government Caucus. The move follows Weekes's allegations of harassment and intimidation against party members a month prior.

In a social media post Monday evening, Weekes said "I half expected the Premier to remove me from the Caucus, that does not appear to be on his agenda so I decided that I would make it official today."

An image of the resignation letter, directed to Government Caucus Chair David Buckingham, said Weekes's resignation was "effective immediately."

Weekes will continue to serve in the Legislative Assembly as an Independent Member for Biggar-Sask Valley for the remainder of his term.

In May, Weekes gave a 10-minute speech accusing the government of harassment and bullying, referencing "harassing" text messages trying to "influence my rulings."

He pointed fingers at now-former House leader Jeremy Harrison and Highways minister Lori Carr.

Premier Scott Moe said Weekes had "sour grapes" from losing the nomination for the Kindersley-Biggar constituency in December. That ends his run of more than 24 years in office.

Last week, the House Services Committee met and voted against an inquiry into Weekes's harassment allegations — a provincial NDP-led effort.

He also accused Harrison of bringing a firearm into the Legislative Building, which Harrison first denied then later confessed to doing and apologized. He then resigned as government House leader.