Saved By The Bell's Tiffani Thiessen came close to landing dream Bond girl role

Tiffani Thiessen came very close to landing her dream role in a James Bond movie.
The ‘Saved by the Bell’ star has revealed her ultimate career goal was to play a Bond girl in one of the 007 films - and she came tantalisingly close to making her dreams come true but the part ended up being given to someone else.
She told Us Weekly: “I had always wanted to be in a James Bond film and got very close to one years ago, but it didn’t go my way.”
The 47-year-old actress rose to international fame as Kelly Kapowski in hit TV show ‘Saved by the Bell’ in the late '80s and early '90s and she recently revealed she’s still close to her former co-star Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played heartthrob Zack Morris.
The long-time friends even live close to each other and enjoy regular get togethers with their families.
She said: "We live totally close together. I love his wife. His kids are great, like, we adore [them]. So we have a lot of fun actually hanging out with them."
When asked if the couples have ever been out on double dates, she explained it’s actually quite difficult as they have kids to looks after.
She added: “We have before [gone out on double dates], but it’s been a long time … Maybe we’ll try to get something [together].It’s hard with kids. He’s got more kids than I do, so he’s got it even harder than I do."
Tiffani and her actor husband Brady Smith are parents to two children, while Mark-Paul is married to Catriona McGinn and they have a son and daughter. Mark-Paul also has two elder children with his ex-wife Lisa Ann Russell.