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'Saved our sink!': This 'amazing' plunger may be the best $17 you'll spend today

Its accordion design creates a more powerful suction than your usual plungers.

Who wants to see money go down the drain by calling the plumber? Nobody. That's why can this humble plunger has managed to rack up more than 22,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. And at only $17, Luigi's Sink and Drain Plunger is so valuable you'll practically want to show it off. (We do love its wild blue color!) Its design clears blockages quickly and with more power than your usual plungers. And thankfully, after all that dirty work, the plunger itself is easy to de-gunk—just spray it with cleaner and run it under the tap!

Clogs can really drain your patience without the right plunger. Luigi's understands this and has crafted just the perfect solution.

$17 at Amazon

So we've done everything from discovering fire to traveling to the moon. Yet somehow we can't make pipes without that U-bend, which seems tailor-made to cause clogs. Well, unlike traditional plungers, Luigi's has a soft, flexible bellow that fits over all drains to dislodge debris beyond that pesky U-bend full of things you don't always want to know, wedged deeply within your pipes.

Person using plunger on kitchen sink clog
You'll get stars in your eyes for this plunger. (Amazon)

Meanwhile, this unique and handy item uses water instead of air to blast away blockages. The accordion design creates powerful pressure with every thrust and strong vacuum suction with every pull, for 8x more force than a typical plunger. Take that, ick! Shoppers can't say enough 'amazing' things about this 'miracle plunger.'

This reviewer who's no longer drained raved, "Our kitchen sink has been clogged with a very slow drain for a while. I'd tried other plungers and various clog remover products with little to no effect. Then I bought this ... no excessive force or plunging needed. Just put it over the drain, plunged ONCE, and our sink was good as new. I could even hear it unclog the drain!"

"For the last year my bathroom sink has been slow to drain," admitted one shopper. "I'd use Drano and it would be fine for a while, but then it seemed to get worse—so it was either try this or call a plumber. Well, I filled the sink, then pulled the automatic stopper and plunged. The water is now draining exceptionally well."

"Saved our sink!" raved a grateful shopper. "I was lamenting to a friend that we had a clog in our sink that appeared to be so deep in behind the wall that we would need to take the wall apart. She suggested we try this sink-specific plunger first. It took about 5 minutes of serious plunging with vigor and the clog bubbled up. This was one of our best expenditures ever!!!"

So now you won't get that sinking feeling when you see water pool in your tub or basin. When there's yucky stuff caught in your drain, don't pick up the phone—take the plunge and DYI it into oblivion with your new household bestie!

Hate pouring all those harsh chemicals down the kitchen sink? Thanks to this plunger, you no longer have to.

$17 at Amazon

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