SBU detains Russian FSB agent in Zaporizhzhya

FSB agent detained in Zaporizhzhya
FSB agent detained in Zaporizhzhya

Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained FSB agent in Zaporizhzhya, who was preparing terrorist attacks against employees of a local draft office, SBU reported on Telegram on June 4.

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According to the investigation, the agent turned out to be a security guard for a local energy company. In April of this year, he was remotely recruited by Russian special services through his daughter, who lives in Russia.

Suspect was supposed to detect cars of draft office employees and install improvised explosive devices with remote control under them.

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To identify potential targets, man daily monitored parking lots near military registration and enlistment offices. Subsequently, he was to receive detailed instructions from his Russian supervisor on time and methods of carrying out the attacks.

The investigation also found that the suspect was spying on transformer substations in Zaporizhzhya.

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