SBU nabs Russian agent in Rivne for collecting coordinates for Russian shelling

SBU detained agent of Russian special services in Rivne
SBU detained agent of Russian special services in Rivne

Ukraine’s SBU Security Service has detained the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) agent in Rivne for collecting coordinates for missile and drone strikes on the military and critical infrastructure of the Oblast, the SBU reported on May 13.

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The suspect, born in Crimea, had been residing in Rivne for some time and was involved in international transportation. Before the Russian full-scale invasion, he frequently visited the occupied peninsula, where his relatives lived.

There, he was recruited by an FSB operative. After Feb. 24, 2022, she remotely "activated" her agent.

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Using his vehicle, he would tour the city while recording possible locations of the Ukrainian Defense Forces. This allowed him to scout potential targets, including military hospitals.

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The individual also tracked the movements of military convoys with Ukrainian Armed Forces equipment along western region highways, in addition to gathering information on Russian missile targeting.

The Rivne resident was caught "in the act" while conducting reconnaissance near Ukrainian defenders.

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He was informed of suspicion of state treason (part 2 of article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The suspect is now in custody, facing potential life imprisonment.

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