Scheana Shay reveals her hair-loss struggles

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Scheana Shay's hair started "coming out in chunks" after she gave birth.
The 36-year-old TV star has taken to social media to discuss the challenges she's faced since giving birth to her eight-month-old daughter, Summer Moon.
Scheana - who styled her hair in a high ponytail in a recent episode of 'Vanderpump Rules' - wrote on Instagram: "To everyone who has commented on my hairline tonight: this was already my biggest insecurity and legit the only thing I usually would facetune. After having a baby, I have postpartum hair loss.
"It is slowly coming back but I'm also still pumping milk every 3 hours since Summer stopped latching. Not sure if breastfeeding is related to the hair thinning also but it's happening to me. My hair was coming out in chunks. Next time think before you comment. (sic)"
Scheana got engaged to Brock Davies earlier this year, and the TV star previously opened up about their romance.
Brock popped the question on their balcony of their Los Angeles home, and Scheana confessed to being caught by surprise.
She explained in July: "I knew it was coming soon, but I didn't know how or when. I was so surprised!
"Brock knows me so well and knew exactly how to do what I would want. There's no date set, but our dream would be to get married in Bali."
Scheana explained that Bali is a "special place" for the celebrity couple.
She said: "That's where we first said 'I love you'. It's a special place for us both!"
Scheana has also praised her fiance for treating her the way she deserves.
The TV star shared: "He's very nice, and he treats me the way I deserve to be treated."

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