Scooter Braun and his wife give each other 'space' when they need it

Scooter Braun and his wife make their romance work by "giving each other space" when they need it.

The 38-year-old record executive has been married to businesswoman Yael Cohen - with whom he has Jagger, five, Levi, three, and Hart, 15 months - since 2014, and Yael has now dished on the secret to their lasting love, which she says comes from being able to support one another in "whatever way" they need it, including backing off and giving space where appropriate.

She said: "Whether that is time together to figure it out or it's giving each other space to know the processing, giving each other grace when life is low. Sometimes things are going to have more attention and sometimes things are going to have less attention, but knowing that we signed up for better or for worse and giving each other what we need in that moment.

"I look at everything through the lens of 20 years down the road. Am I going to look back and be proud of how we responded to something, how we dealt with something, how we figured it out? I always want the answer to be yes."

Scooter and Yael, 33, keep romance alive by enjoying date nights together, which can range from nights out to watching Netflix shows on the couch.

Yael explained: "Sometimes they're really exciting and we go and do something fun where we go and take a night with friends and do something that we love. And sometimes it's literally just making dinner and watching 'Love Is Blind' on the couch, which is equally as exciting, not gonna lie.

"I think it's just turning off the phone and being with each other, wherever that is. Sometimes that's at home and sometimes that's out, but being intentional and purposeful because that's our time."

The F**k Cancer founder also spoke about being a working mother, and admitted she has "a lot of help".

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, she said: "[It's] a lot of asking for help, and a lot of grace. A lot of scheduling and understanding when you can and when you can't and also knowing your personal priorities."