Scooter Braun's client split 'was a long time coming'

Scooter Braun's split from some of his A-list clients "has been a long time coming".
The 42-year-old talent manager has recently split from the likes of Idina Menzel, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande, and according to an insider, they took to decision to walk away because they were left feeling "underappreciated".
The source told 'Entertainment Tonight': "The separation between Scooter and his artists has been a long time coming. They have felt undervalued and underappreciated and like Scooter hasn't been present since the HYBE deal."
Scooter's Ithaca Holdings, which includes his SB Projects, merged with HYBE in 2021, and his day-to-day role has changed since the merger.
The insider added: "Scooter is focusing on his role at HYBE and doesn't want to deal with day-to-day manager responsibilities."
Scooter is, perhaps, best known for managing the career of Justin Bieber.
And earlier this month, an insider claimed that Justin hasn't spoken to his manager in almost a year.
The source told PEOPLE: "Justin's been working on his new record for the last six months.
"Scooter and SB Projects have not set up one session or done one thing for this record."
Scooter discovered the pop star when he was still a teenager.
The talent manager previously claimed that they share a very strong "bond".
He told Complex in 2012: "We have a very different bond. The common misconception - because I’m 13 years older than him - is that it’s a little brother. It’s more like an uncle or a dad. I kind of realised it being on the road with Justin’s mom. She’s not a disciplinarian, and he needed that person in his life.
"At times, he’s gotten mad, like, 'You’re not being my friend. You’re not being fun.' And I told him, 'I’m not here to be your friend. I’m here to be that man in your life who tells you right from wrong, whether you disagree with me or not. And I’m not always right, but I’m going to try and do the best job I can.'"