Scotland's papers: 'Hospital blunders' and 'minister for arrogance'

The Sunday Post
The Scottish Mail on Sunday
The Sunday mail
The Scottish Sunday Express
Immigration is the top story on the Scottish Sunday Express, which says six suspected terrorists with a plan to target the British government or public services have entered the UK on a small boat that crossed the English Channel.
The Sunday Telegraph (Scottish edition)
The Scottish Sun on Sunday
Scotland on Sunday
Scotland on Sunday says Anas Sarwar is set to water down his support for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza to avoid confrontation with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer. The Scottish Labour leader could also face a major rebellion after almost half of his MSP group backed a Scottish Green motion demanding a ceasefire, the paper reports.
The Sunday National
The Sunday National leads with a new ferry route linking Rosyth to Dunkirk, which the man behind it says will be "transformational" for Scotland. Derek Sloan, chief executive of Ptarmigan Shipping, told the paper the route could just be the start as he floated the idea of additional freight routes to Germany and Scandinavia.
The Herald
Ministers are poised to delay plans to start requiring householders to replace their fossil fuel run boilers with heat pumps, or other green energy systems, from as early as 2025, The Herald on Sunday reveals. It says the existing time for the phase-out to start in just over 13 months is expected to be shelved.