Sean Connery's widow stuns in bikini at 93: 'What a body'

Hollywood star Sir Sean Connery’s widow has been living it up in the Bahamas, posing in a bikini with her granddaughter Saskia.

Micheline Roquebrune was married to the James Bond star for 45 years after he split from his Australian wife Diane Cilento.

L: Micheline Roquebrune and Saskia Connery pose on a boat, wearing sunglasses and bikinis. R: Micheline Roquebrune and Sean Connery on the red carpet.
Sean Connery's 93-year-old widow has stunned with her bikini photos. Photo: Instagram/saskiaconnery (Instagram/saskiaconnery)

The 93-year-old soaked up the sun in her brown bikini while cuddling and kissing Saskia on a boat.

She finished her look off with a fedora hat and a pair of sunglasses, while her granddaughter opted for a lilac top and baby pink bottoms.


People couldn’t believe how good Micheline looked for her age, with many commenting about her body on social media.

“What a body for 93. Go her!” one wrote, while another commented, “She looks amazing!”

“Just breaking the internet over here,” added a fan.

“I must say for 90 plus she’s well nice, must of been a beauty in her day like the granddaughter,” another said.

“Bloody hell she looks really good,” wrote a fourth.

Two photos of Micheline Roquebrune in a brown bikini with a fedora and sunglasses, and Saskia Connery in a lilac bikini top and pink bottoms
The pair were seen lapping up the sun in the Bahamas. Photo: Instagram/saskiaconnery (Instagram/saskiaconnery)

Some didn’t care for her outfit, but were impressed with how active the painter seemed.

“To be 93 and wear a bikini is goals, happy and not sitting and dying in a nursing home! Coming from a nurse watching people give up on life as they get old,” one wrote.

“Don’t care about her bathers but I’m impressed she’s so active and mobile at her age,” another added.

“Good on her!!! Ageing is a part of living. Looks like she is still living her best life,” a third chimed in.

Micheline previously admitted that life without Sean is ‘very hard’, after he passed away from dementia aged 90 in 2020.

“He was gorgeous and we had a wonderful life together. He was a model of a man,” she told Daily Mail. “At least he died in his sleep and it was just so peaceful. I was with him all the time and he just slipped away. It was what he wanted.”

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