Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs accused of rape and violent abuse by US singer Cassie

Sean “Diddy” Combs has been accused of rape, violent behaviour and sex trafficking in a lawsuit filed by US singer Cassie relating to their decade-long relationship.

It has been alleged in a lawsuit filed at a New York federal court on Thursday that Combs was “prone to uncontrollable rage”, with claims including that he “blew up a man’s car after he learned that he was romantically interested in Ms Ventura”.

It has also been claimed that Cassie, whose real name is Casandra Ventura, was raped “in her own home after she tried to leave him” and “endured over a decade of his violent behaviour and disturbed demands”.

Sean 'Diddy' Combs
Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Cassie Ventura (Ian West/PA)

US rapper Combs, 54, “vehemently denies” the allegations made against him.

“After years in silence and darkness, I am finally ready to tell my story, and to speak up on behalf of myself and for the benefit of other women who face violence and abuse in their relationships,” Ms Ventura said in a statement given to the PA news agency.

“With the expiration of New York’s Adult Survivors Act fast approaching, it became clear that this was an opportunity to speak up about the trauma I have experienced and that I will be recovering from for the rest of my life.”

Combs’ lawyer Benjamin Brafman said the American musician “vehemently denies these offensive and outrageous allegations”.

He added: “Ms Ventura’s demand of 30 million dollars (£24.2 million), under the threat of writing a damaging book about their relationship, was unequivocally rejected as blatant blackmail.

“Despite withdrawing her initial threat, Ms Ventura has now resorted to filing a lawsuit riddled with baseless and outrageous lies, aiming to tarnish Mr Combs’ reputation, and seeking a pay day.”

Sean 'Diddy' Comb
Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs (Ian West/PA)

In response to Mr Brafman’s statement, Ms Ventura’s lawyer Douglas Wigdor stated that Combs “offered Ms Ventura eight figures to silence her and prevent the filing of this lawsuit”.

He said: “She rejected his efforts and decided to give a voice to all woman who suffer in silence. Ms Ventura should be applauded for her bravery.”

Mr Wigdor also said Ms Ventura’s “ability and willingness to speak up against the abuse she suffered” is a “testament to her strength and resilience”.

“No human should have to endure what Ms Ventura has endured,” he added.

The lawsuit stated Ms Ventura has required “intensive medical and psychological care to recover from the trauma she lived through” and is seeking justice for a decade of “threats of violence, excessive use of drugs, physical and psychological abuse, and sexual slavery”.

Combs is a three-time Grammy winner whose hit songs include I’ll Be Missing You, Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down and Give Me Love.

He founded the label Bad Boy Records in the early 90s, for which Ms Ventura signed a 10-album deal with in 2006 at the age of 19, according to the lawsuit.