Security guard sent potential Willoughby plot accomplice video of restraint kit

A security guard accused of masterminding a plot to kidnap, rape and murder Holly Willoughby sent a potential accomplice a video of restraint “kit” items laid out on a bed, a court heard.

A jury at Chelmsford Crown Court was played Gavin Plumb’s footage of the items, which included ankle shackles, ball gag, rope, metal cable ties and handcuffs.

The court was told in a subsequent voice note in May last year, the 37-year-old said: “They’re asking me if I’m gonna tie them up at all. Lol. No, no of course not, no, no, no, no I’m not gonna do that at all. Much.”

Items including handcuffs, cable ties and a whip on a white sheet
An image shown to the jury of items purchased by the defendant (Crown Prosecution Service/PA)

Jurors were previously shown an image of items purchased by the defendant, which included items from what prosecutors described as his “kit” of materials.

The court also heard Plumb checked out an abandoned stud farm with cells to “keep” TV presenter Holly Willoughby after kidnapping her, a court has heard.

He allegedly told another man she would be put in a van after a “home invasion” before being taken to “her new home and her new way of living”.

His online searches were also read out to the jury, including “killers from Harlow in Essex”, “rape in the United Kingdom” and “violence against women – rape”.

The court also heard Plumb had discussed booking a tour to the ITV studios during Ms Willoughby’s time as a host of This Morning and whether it would involve meeting presenters.

Jurors were told he also sent a voice note which said he was “gonna get some chloroform” and in a separate voice note of March last year, added: “I might even buy some fresh hankies as well so they are fresh for her.”

Holly Willoughby smiling as fans take photos
Holly Willoughby was the focus of Gavin Plumb’s plot (Lucy North/PA)

In a WhatsApp exchange read to the court by prosecutor Alison Morgan KC, the defendant said: “We’ve got somewhere in the country to keep her Ryan (another man he had been speaking with) is interested again by the looks of it.”

The man he was speaking with, who went by the name of Marc, replied: “Cool where is the location.”

Plumb said it was “a stud farm that’s abandoned”, adding: “It’s got cells.”

He said in a further message: “It could finally be happening.”

The defendant told Marc he was “looking more towards a home invasion” before he would “get control of her” and “pick up some outfits”.

He said Ms Willoughby would be taken to a “waiting van” and be taken to “her new home and her new way of living”.

In a further exchange with Marc, the defendant wrote: “Just looking on the maps images of her house. It’s looking like that there isn’t any cameras. Also I’ve found a open gate in the pics. Might need to check it out.”

He added: “The alley way route the wall we’ll need to jump has spikes on it.”

Gavin Plumb court case
Gavin Plumb plotted to hold Holly Willoughby captive (Elizabeth Cook/PA)

In a separate message, the defendant posted a photograph of Ms Willoughby and wrote: “She’s wearing things like this for a reason which is to tease us guys – she’s getting punishment for all the teasing.”

Plumb also told Marc in a voice note that “my place might be better” to hold Ms Willoughby “because there’s cameras everywhere”.

He said: “The only thing we’re missing is somewhere to hold her.”

In a further voice note, Plumb said: “I still think my place might be better cos there’s cameras everywhere.

“It’s just a temporary thing, hold her here you’ve got bed, you’ve got warmth etc.”

Discussing Ms Willoughby, who has presented Dancing On Ice, with Marc, the defendant said in a separate voice note: “We’re using your idea for the wait until DOI is done once DOI’s done we’re literally getting everything in place.”

Revolving door to a glass-fronted building with a sign for ITV
Gavin Plumb discussed booking a tour of ITV studios in London in an attempt to get closer to Holly Willoughby (Ian West/PA)

Speaking about booking a tour of the ITV studios, Plumb wrote: “I’m not sure if I’m booking an ITV studio tour or just to the area.”

Marc replied: “Go to the area and follow her home.”

The defendant went on: “She will be driving I will be on foot though.”

He later added, in a message in 2022: “I’m calling the studio tours tomorrow to see if they are still available and if you meet presenters.”

Plumb is accused of attempting to live his “ultimate fantasy” and was described by the prosecution as someone who had an “obsession” with Ms Willoughby.

The defendant, of Harlow, Essex, denies soliciting murder, incitement to rape and incitement to kidnap.

The trial continues.