Selena Gomez: I can't wait to turn 30

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Selena Gomez is "excited" to turn 30.
The 'Lose You to Love Me' hitmaker is set to celebrate her landmark birthday on July 22, and Selena can't wait for the next chapter of her life.
She explained: "I love growing up.
"When I was younger, I was scared of it, and I thought by now my life would look so different. But now I'm like, 'Wow, this is not what I ever expected, and I couldn't be more thrilled.' I've stopped caring about what people have to say, and that's been wonderful."
Selena is also set to feature in the fourth and final film in the 'Hotel Transylvania' franchise this year, and she admits to feeling "bittersweet" about saying goodbye to the animated movies.
She told People: "I'm a little sad. But we've had a great time. I was 20 when we did the first film, and now I'm about to be 30, so it's pretty wild. A lot has changed for me in a lot of good ways."
Last month, meanwhile, Selena confessed to having a "love-hate" relationship with social media.
The actress has millions of followers on TikTok, but Selena admits to having a complicated relationship with social media platforms.
The brunette beauty - who also has 286 million followers on Instagram and 65 million followers on Twitter - reflected: "It’s really fun. I think that I have had such a love-hate relationship with social media … to really going on an app that … [has] the coolest things that you can see, from making food to dancing.
"What I find personally fun is cussing … I get to be silly and I love doing that. I love making people laugh."

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