Selena Gomez loves being 30

Selena Gomez loves being 30.
The former Disney Channel actress reached celebrated her milestone birthday in July this year and explained that she has "learned to put up" with things since hitting the big 3-0.
She said: "I never throw myself parties and I thought I should, right? 'Cause it's 30. I fully enjoyed it but I think I've really enjoyed the process of being 30 and, you know, learning to put up things that I can and just caring who I surround myself with. It's been kind of a journey."
Meanwhile, the 'Lose You To Love Me' songstress has spent the last six years shooting mental health documentary 'My Mind and Me' and explained that while she is "scared" that people will see a new side to her, she found a "strength " in being able to explore her bipolar diagnosis on camera.
Speaking on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show', she said: "I went to the McLean Hospital and it is one of the best hospitals for...they're kind of covering everything in the mental health space so I was able to say my diagnosis out loud for the first time. It gave me such strength. It wasn't easy and I think that's why I wanted the documentary to feel really personal. But I'm getting kind of scared. A lot of people are gonna see this other side of me and I hope they like it.
"I'm definitely not a professional but I can connect with people that have been on a similar journey. I don't mind having those conversations with people. Again, anything I do I want it to be some sort of light in the world so I'm excited for people to see how much it paid off to be honest with my story."
'My Mind and Me' is set to stream on Apple+ from November 4,