Selena Gomez remembers first meeting Demi Lovato at Barney audition

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Selena Gomez will "never forget" meeting Demi Lovato at their first 'Barney and Friends' audition.
The 29-year-old star attended an open call with 1,400 kids for a role in the classic children's TV show with seven hopefuls being picked for the final selection.
Selena told The Hollywood Reporter: "Out of all those kids, they picked seven, and I happened to be one of them.
"The wildest part of that story is that she was actually the girl standing in front of me. I remember she had a red bow on, I’ll never forget it… I just thought the world of her.
"And we both ended up, after we got the part, we didn’t know if the other one did. And we just had this, like, mini reunion when we saw each other.”
The two stars were once friends but have drifted apart of the years, and Demi previously admitted while they remained supportive of each other, they are "not friends".
In 2020, they said: "When you grow up with somebody, you're always going to have love for them... I will always have love for her, and I wish everybody nothing but the best."
Meanwhile, Selena went onto star in Disney Channel's 'Wizards of Waverley Place' from 2007 to 2012 before launching her pop career, while she currently appears in 'Only Murders In The Building' alongside Martin Short and Steve Martin.
She admitted she's learned a lot from her older co-stars, particularly when it comes to her "expectation for a man".
She explained: “Being around two adult gentlemen — because that’s what they are, they are very sweet and kind and hilarious and inappropriate sometimes and it’s the best — I just learned so much.
"And my expectation for a man, to be honest, or any human, is to be as decent as these two human beings are.
"They have been doing this longer than I’ve been alive, and they are the kindest people.”
She also teased another season of the murder mystery comedy series as she opened up on her future plans.
She added: "I finished season two, I did my cooking show, and now I’m gonna be in the studio until season three. So basically we’re going to be just working on new music."

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