Selena Gomez Just Showed Off Her Waves and It’s Giving Me Major Hair Envy

Starr Bowenbank
Photo credit: Stephane Cardinale - Corbis - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

  • Selena Gomez is showing off some majorly pretty waves on the ’gram.
  • And, duh, she totally looks fantastic!!!

Let’s be real: Don’t you just secretly love it when celebrities let their hair down—literally and figuratively? It’s always super easy to forget that your fave celebs don’t wake up looking polished to perfection. So, yes, instead of the usual super-glossy, neatly tucked hairstyles you always peep on the red carpet, celebrities actually do wake up with bedhead and wear their natural hair sometimes (or, okay, have a team of hairstylists recreate a bedhead-y hairstyle using a thousand heat tools, but hey). Case in point: Selena Marie Gomez.

Lately, Selena’s been rocking her usual brand of slicked-back ponytails and straight blowouts, but now it seems like she’s trading it in for something relatively new this summer—at least to her followers anyway. So exactly what new hairstyle is our Selena rocking this time?? Oh, funny you asked—some voluminous, textured waves! And I am sooo shook rn because they look so freaking amazing on her, honestly.

On Instagram, celebrity hairstylist Marissa Marino posted a selfie pic of Selena rocking a curly lob colored with light-brown ombré highlights toward the ends. She captioned the post of Selena “Natural Beauty,” which, like, agreed. Now, I don’t know about you, but something about this is giving me massive Fiorucci angel vibes. You know, those stylish cherub babies you see on T-shirts everywhere? Uh...I digress. Check out Selena’s new style and prepare to swoon:

The last time Selena sported hair remotely close to being this level of wavy/curly was back in May, when she did a swimwear shoot for Krahs. Marissa did her hair back then too and gave her a voluminous, slightly curly bob style sans highlights. But aside from that, it’s been quite some time since Selena’s showed love on Instagram to non-sleek hairstyles.

Sooo, what do you think? While you’re making up your mind, please excuse me as I scroll through YouTube for heat-free curly styles for naturalistas. K, bye!

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