What is Selling The OC's Tyler Stanaland's net worth?

selling the oc tyler stanaland net worth
What is Tyler Stanaland's net worth? Netflix

Selling The OC is back on Netflix for a truly explosive season two, seriously the drama is next level. Much of the drama this season unfolds around realtor Tyler Stanaland, following his public divorce from wife Brittany Snow and his friendships with fellow agents Alex Hall and Polly Brindle.

But drama aside, Selling The OC is also about real estate and Tyler also spends some of the season determined to land some major sales, including that of his former childhood home, which is on sale just short of $15million, with a commission of $449,850.

Given the commission of just one of the properties he's selling is nearly half a million dollars, we reckon Tyler is not doing too badly on the money front. So what exactly is his net worth? Here's what you need to know.

selling the oc tyler stanaland net worth

How does Tyler Stanaland make his money?

Tyler hails from a family that has long been part of the real estate world, in fact Tyler is a fifth-generation realtor and got his real estate licence at just 18 years old.

However, Tyler didn't immediately begin a career in real estate, instead he pursued a career as a professional surfer for a number of years. He still kept his foot in the real estate pond though, with his LinkedIn profile listing him as having worked at Sotheby's from 2010 to 2018.

Tyler also worked as a marketing manager for surf brand Catch Surf for two years in 2015. However, it's clear he couldn't stay away from real estate for too long as he then began working at a number of different agencies from 2019 onwards, onto his current role at The Oppenheim Group, which he's been at since November 2021.

It's likely the biggest source of his wealth will have been through real estate sales over the years, with his biggest sale being a $19million home.

So, what is Tyler Stanaland's net worth?

There's a number of conflicting reports surrounding Tyler's net worth, however most sites, including Popular Net Worth, put Tyler's net worth at around $350,000.

Ok Tyler, the drinks are on you.

Selling The OC season 2 is available on Netflix now

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