Selling Sunset's Maya Vander pregnant

Selling Sunset's Maya Vander is pregnant.
The 39-year-old star has told how she is nine months pregnant with a baby girl, a year after she suffered a miscarriage while 10 weeks pregnant.
She told The U.S. Sun: "I am nine months pregnant and I'm expecting a baby girl any day now.
"It's exciting, but also this time around I have more fears and more concerns given the last circumstances.
"I kept quiet on social media because I lost a baby when I was nine months pregnant in the past."
Maya suffered another devastating loss in December 2021, when her baby Mason was stillborn at 38 weeks.
The star - who has son Aiden, four, and daughter Ellie, three, with her husband Dave Miller - now hopes her story will inspire others who have been through similar experiences of loss.
She added: "I know it's hard to understand why I would bother to get pregnant again, but I had a huge void to fill. I stayed calm and positive.
"I'm very lucky and thankful for my kids. It was just something that was missing. No one expects to lose a child and give birth to a stillborn.
"I hope my story will inspire other women going through any loss."
In December, Maya paid tribute to her late son Mason.
She wrote on her Instagram Stories: "Today exactly a year ago I marked one year since I lost my son Mason at 38 weeks (9 months) and had a vaginal stillbirth. I wasn't sure how this day will be. He would have been one years old and possibly taking his first step.
"I still have questions on why?? He was a perfect baby and the autopsy report came back with no conclusion.
"Dr Kliman from Yale university looked at my placenta and was almost sure the cord was compressed. Basically bad luck.
"I decided to just spend my day with the kids and be thankful for them. At the end of the day, sitting in bed and crying will not bring him back.
"Approaching the holiday season which was grey and gloomy last year gives me hope that I can enjoy it again. Life goes on... and you learn to deal with grief in different ways...
"I want to give credit and share the following who really helped me to navigate through this dark period and trauma. @aalivahinaction @pushpregnancy @shineforstillbirth Thank you so much!! (sic)"